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Athletes push it even "harder" !!!

Athletes pop viagra to boost performence !
Docs say

"McGrath said taking Viagra could theoretically help people breathe better in heavily polluted cities, like the Chinese capital."

anyway it would be fun to see guys with huge boner staning on the podium, accepting medals !!

how to have sex on..eerr, with table !

Table fetish!! Yes, just when you thought it can't get any weird, human behavior leaves you wondering! His neighbor even caught his antics on tape.

'He was completely nude. He would use the hole from the umbrella and have sex with the table.'

Now isn't that creative!

Anyway, I just hope the tape gets leaked.

A bridge too far !

The great bridge robbery is one of those news reports that stun you so much that you can't even come up with some smartass comment!

The police officials report

'We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value.' Exactly what that 'personal use' might be was left unsaid.

P.S. Theft is theft - unless it’s Government

Reality shows !

As poor 16 yea old Shinjini becomes stable, the eye of media turns towards the "reality shows"!
Reality shows these days is becoming rage among us Indians .Hell who doesn't like to watch some random poor people (kids, even better) brutally thrashed and criticized in front of Millions of audiences! Some even brought to tears ... ahh the Bliss! Anyway most of the contestants are thick-skin enough to take the beating, but that girl came out worst!
Now her father is holding the show responsible for her condition.

“The judges are blaming us for our daughter’s condition. How can they do this? The reality show had a terrible effect on my daughter. All such shows should be banned,”

YES! What a wonderful way to avoid the responsibility. As if that asshole didn't know that her daughter would be shamelessly criticized for even a minor mistake in front of the audience!

Anyway, according to neurologist Abhijit Chatterjee her situation has nothing to do with depressions!
“It seems from the symptoms that she is suffering from ADEM or Acute Demyalenitating Encephalo Myelitis, a viral infection in the brain. It is a debilitating disease but not life-threatening,”

P.S. As it seems, this incident has given some real boost to the TRP of the actual show!
The irony!

in Blog we Trust !

in Blog we Trust !

as blogging becoming more and more popular among Indian youth ( and not so young movie stars), I feel compelled to ask why it is becoming such popular all of a sudden ! Found some proper answers HERE

"The blogosphere is a meritocratic space. Each blog finds the audience it deserves. If you like economics, you’ll find tons of good economics blogs, often much better than anything you’ll see in the mainstream media, because they’re written by specialists, not generalists. You want gardening? Literature? Technology? You’ll find content in any niche you can think of."

reminds me kind of why I started my blog .. the main reason was to express my thoughts and ideas without giving a sh1t about what what anyone might think about them ! like 'em - hell yeah .. don't like 'em - screw you !

Re-Designed !

Yes !!!!!!!!!!


ANYWAY (:p) As i posted earlier, the blog is now redesigned!Lots of new stuffs added! specially check out the "chiro blogs v3.0" hovering logo. Though v3.0 doesn't really mean anything, it does look cool :P.Rremember Die Hard 4.0,"Four point O" sounds hundrad times more "awesome" than the lame Die Hard 4 . he he ...

One thing though, please use FIREFOX or OPERA to browse.Somehow the theme doesn't work properly on Internet explorer.

I will add some widgets like etc later.

confusi0n is back :P

ohk ohk ,
like every good thing must come to end end, every bad thing must start again .
so i am back posting on my blog, and yeah, as i have said numerous times before, i will try to be more regular from now on.
Though being regular wont b much of a problem now as my final semester got over last week and i have nothing to do the whole day :D. and boy oh boy, i just love lying around doing nothing , just like Garfield :P !!!
Exams were ok, though Algorithm paper didn't go as i planned :P . hopefullly i will pass !!
Anyway i am designing a new background picture for this blog, which will be uploaded very soon !
cheers !